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Threadhopping: Yes!
Fourthwalling: Most cases no.

Hugging this character:
Sure but there's no guarantee she'd take to it well
Kissing this character: Probably not?
Flirting with this character: She's a kid so, no.
Fighting with this character: She's more likely to run away than fight unless someone she cares about is in danger.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Willing to discuss this as a case by case basis
Killing this character: No thank you.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure

Opal's abilities are dreamwalking, selective teleportation and animal summoning. The first two only relate to specific characters at this time. If her powers grow somehow in the future more will be added here.
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SERIES: The Raven Cycle
CHRONOLOGY: The Raven King, Chapter 42
CLASS: anti-hero

BACKGROUND: Opal comes into the story as "Orphan Girl" in Ronan Lynch's dreams. She seems to have her own agency within his dreams and while not much is known about her origin it does seem clear that she's been there a while. She's been there long enough that Ronan aged and she had not. He seems to find her familiar whenever she shows up. She's described as a psychopomp but the term in this context applies more to a spirit guide or guide for the soul than for the dead. One of the things that is murky at best is if Opal was something else before she was a part of Ronan's dream plane. She often served as a guide for Ronan when he was confused on how something could work or if he was behaving in a way that was destructive to the stability of Cabeswater (a magical forest that plays a crucial role in Ronan's dreams). A prime example of this is in The Dream Thieves when he continues to take and take from Cabeswater with Kavinsky and is draining it's stability and power. She is able to stop him and help him get what he needs to be done.

While, it's possible that she existed before Ronan, it's also clear that at some point she became quite attached and integrated into him and connected to his soul. We know that she used to have long hair and it is now short. One can assume that her hair was cut when Ronan shorn his head after his father's death. In her way, she reflects the state of Ronan's soul.

In The Raven King, Opal is brought out into the real world by Ronan. As with all his dream things, she then becomes real and is for all intents and purposes flesh and blood. Ronan did not intend to bring Opal out. He was attempting to protect her from the corruption in his dream. This ends up with her accidentally being brought back with him when he awakes. It is a point of contention once she is out because Ronan is not exactly in the best position to be a caretaker and immediately faces criticism for the act. Late in The Raven King, it is confirmed that Opal can exist both in the real world and in Ronan's dreams when she is in the room with Ronan and Adam when Adam enters into Ronan's dream and then she is also in the dream with them.

Opal isn't always most helpful guide and it becomes more apparent once she is outside of Ronan that she is very much like him. It's hard to know if this is because she never existed outside of his head and therefore grew out of his own traits or that she was always like this if she existed before him. Another possibility and perhaps the most likely one, is that she did exist before him and was drawn to him out of some similarity or calling and she as time passed she acquired more Ronan-like traits.

Once she is in the real world, she eats a variety of non-food items and when questioned about if she should be Ronan says that he doesn't even know if she has internal organs. While she is somewhat humanoid, it's hard to tell how much of her insides would be human. She also has hooves.

PERSONALITY: Opal appears to be a bit of a feral child. She's at her best comfort in nature. She's stubborn and makes no attempt to hide when she's unhappy. She'll throw a fit if things don't go her way. Opal also appears to be self-sufficient but she chooses to remain close to Ronan as much as possible. Her main purpose remains to be a guide for him even once she is no longer solely a part of his dreams. In addition to this, she is also not afraid to confront Ronan and to tell him when he is doing something wrong or harmful. In the end, this best serves her interest and Ronan's own interests.

In general, Opal does not really have any of her own dreams. She is mostly a dream manifested herself. Her motivation for anything will be centered around Ronan's motivations at any given time and without Ronan she would be extremely unhappy and directionless While she tends to be abrasive in how she expresses herself she is also quite fearful. Ronan's dreams were often violent and dark and she was witness to it and perhaps a potential victim on more than one occasion of monsters in his dreams. As a consequence, she is often apt to hiding and being suspicious.

She seems most comfortable among Ronan and his other dream things. Opal gets along quite fine with Chainsaw, a bird that Ronan pulled out of his dreams. She loves nature and animals and that is where she feels comfortable. Loud noises and the unnatural world are not where she feels at home so she seeks comfort in the wild. Despite the fact that Opal is often difficult and does not generally confine to social niceties (neither does her creator), she is quite intelligent and bright. Her knowledge is not confined to the knowledge of Ronan and she does not bend to his or anyone's will if it is against her own.

Within the setting, Opal is not particularly going to care very much about what is perhaps expected of her in general. She will want to seek out nature where she can and the plight of others wouldn't bother her unless people she does care about are involved and want her to be. Without a doubt, she will be suspicious of any officials or authorities.

There is a lot about Opal that is a mystery. She doesn't seem to know completely who or what she is. It doesn't appear to bother her all that much either. Her main concerns remain focused on the preservation of magical energies and Ronan's safety.


Dreamwalking: In canon, Opal does have a dreamwalking ability. Even once she is pulled into the real world she is able to appear in Ronan's dreams still to guide him. To start with this power will only extend to Ronan but if she learns to hone it she would be able to further her dreamwalking ability into other's dream planes. This would always be with player permission.

Selective Teleportation: Opal's second power will be the ability to teleport to Ronan no matter where he is. This will not be a completely controlled power and could often backfire on her and could have her teleporting at inopportune times for either party. She will not be able to teleport to anyone else or to any place where Ronan is not present. This power has also been discussed in advance with Ronan's player.

Animal Summoning: The third power will be the most useful power of summoning baby animals. This is another power that will not be one she has complete control over. It will often be tied to her emotions and she will summon them more often when distressed.

Neither of the two latter powers are canon.


[Opal doesn't like the phone contraption. She's never had one before and it doesn't make much sense to her. There's no magic or nature to it and she also doesn't feel that she has that much of a particular need for the device itself. She'd tried to ruin it, actually, but someone had stopped her. Now she was trying to turn it off but at started a video instead.]

Why is it showing me? Stop? Why are you showing me?

[She's talking to the phone, the phone alone she thinks. Unfornuately this is not the case and she continues to try and make it stop getting increasingly frustrated.]

Stop! [She tosses the device down on the floor and stops her hooves, which is a loud noise on the carpetless floor.]


FINAL NOTES: Not at the moment.


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